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App for theposthumans

Player Name: Kris
Personal LJ: twbasketcase
AIM: Shattershot07
Other characters currently in-game: Archangel and Sunspot.

Character Name: Raven Darkholme aka Mystique

Canon source: X-Men movie 'verse (Earth-10005)

PB: Rebecca Romijn and various other characters she has (in canon) and will be impersonating.

Personality: Mystique is, quite literally, a woman of a million faces and personalities. Her powers define her in a lot of ways, as she's assumed so many identities that the only one that seems to be a real mystery is her own true one. She's played the role of charismatic politicians, flirty women, serious businessmen, mousy teenage girls, and other fellow mutants. Because of this, she holds no true loyalties to anyone but herself, and will not hesitate to betray anyone.

Wearing her true face, Mystique is a proud, confident, dangerous, and intelligent soldier. For the first two movies, she is Magneto's right hand ally, and is often the one he sends in to do the dirty work. She's very well trained in hacking, weaponry, martial arts, and other forms of security breaching and combat. She is very calm and casual about all of her work, and never once shows an ounce of sympathy or anxiety about it.

Mystique cannot stand to be called by her real name: Raven. The name is a human label, in her eyes, and she refuses to be associated in any part with the race that is 'inferior' to her own. I believe this also may have a small part to do with the fact that it associates her with her family. Briefly, Mystique once mentioned that her own family had tried to kill her for being a mutant, and the mere mention of them disgusts her. That being said, Mystique holds grudges and is a very vengeful person; not only did she rat out Magneto to the government after she'd been depowered, but she also had the tendency to come onto, taunt, and attack Wolverine after he'd bested her in a fight. Said taunts included making a sexual implications about how much she adored the scar he'd left on her, possibly suggesting that she's a bit of a masochist.

Being depowered was the one time in the trilogy that we saw Mystique's vulnerable side. Being abandoned by the Brotherhood after everything she'd done for them was a slap in the face enough, but she was lost without her ability to assume roles. In that moment, she was left a crying, balled up mess on the ground, showing for the first time that she did have true emotions underneath of that scaly exterior.

At her happiest, Mystique enjoys when she's one step ahead of everyone else, and welcomes fighting and outbursts. It seems to amuse her, as shown when the Brotherhood kidnapped Senator Kelly and when Rogue had revealed to them that she'd kept her white streaks in her hair.

Lastly, Mystique is strictly against hiding who she is, which is most likely why she prefers to walk around nude when in her regular form. She believes that everyone--humans and mutants alike--should embrace her for the greatness that she is, despite her bizarre appearance. So not only is she very arrogant, but she could care less what anyone says or thinks about her.

History: Here is a wiki link for you. I won't be deviating from canon if I can help it (there are a lot of holes in her past, but she's not the sharing or dwelling type anyways).

How does your AU differ from canon? *points above* Also, because of the universe change, she doesn't know either of my characters and therefore playercest is easily avoidable for me.

- Intense combat experience
- Good with technology; excellent hacker.
- Espionage
- Multilingual
- Ability to assimilate any one person's voice as soon as she hears it.
- Ability to restructure her biological molecules to alter her appearance; can take on the form of humans, animals, and objects.
- Enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, flexibility, and agility
- Cellular regeneration
- Able to unlock locks, ect. with her feet

- Staying in one form too long causes her eyes to flash yellow (thus, revealing her true identity)
- Unlike her comic counterpart, she can be recognized by scent by those with enhaced senses
- She cannot copy another mutant's powers, even if she is posing as them.

Preferred drop-in point: Manhattan, just so I don't have two characters in one city. :3

What are some of your plans for this character in their new environment? To stir up a lot of shit, to be quite honest. Mystique is a terrorist and all. :D

First Person Journal Sample:

[A familiar face shows up on the screen, leering and looking peppy and cheerful.]

My friends, lend me your eyes and ears. I would just like to remind you all how hard the mayor's office has been working to find you freedom and a way home! Day in and day out we work for the betterment of you, the people of New York City, humans and imported alike. I guarantee, as long as you work with us, you will have our support.

Fear not! For soon you'll be out of the broken, decaying homes you've been subjected to. You'll be rewarded with cash for all of your fine vigilante work. You'll be given proper citizenship and identification, allowing for you to have equal rights in this world. For it was the mistake of those from this world that had you trapped here, and we are determined to make your stay worthwhile and comfortable.

[Suddenly, the Mayor's eyes flash yellow and soon his face is fading a way and replaced by a woman's. A blue, scaly, redheaded woman who is now visibly nude. Her voice is low, calm and almost distorted sounding.]

It's pathetic you all have such faith in a filthy meatbag. The humans in this world aren't about to make your lives better, and yet they expect to be able to pull your strings like you all are a pack of fleshy puppets. They don't want to help you; they want to control you like a bunch of stray dogs locked up in the pound.

[She lifts a gun and cocks it, giving the camera a penetrating look.]

I'm no one's puppet; especially no Homo sapien's.

Third Person Sample:

She'd been there for only two days, and already she'd read through the entire network, made notes, and studied voice and video posts. One look was all it took to glimpse these people, and Mystique could be them. While some were much more interesting and worthy than others, it enraged her to know just how many worthless humans were trying to integrate with mutants like they could.

Namely, those who pissed her off most included Richard Bradley Banks IV and Annie Prendergast. Mystique didn't trust them, nor would she fall for their so called 'support'. General Stryker and Senator Kelly were politicians with agendas, too, and look what they'd done.

Her powers allowed for her to take on any face and any role, and therefore money and weapons would come very easily. All it would take is a few days of loading up, and she'd be ready to start wreaking havoc on this place and showing the world who the real freaks were.
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